Editor's Letters

by T. Austin-Sparks

December 1927

Beloved of our Lord,

He hath limited a certain day, saying, "Today." Behold, now - the well-accepted time! Behold now - the day of salvation!

How blessed, as we feel the swift and sinister current of time, the course of this age fast hurrying the world of nations toward their hour of great tribulation, to know that by our acceptance of Almighty God's great personal Act of Calvary, you and we have been lifted right out of this present evil age, and are now living a life that is hid with Christ in God. What steadiness of heart we thus possess as we see things coming to pass on the earth! Not the fainting heart of fear is ours, but the fixed anchored heart of faith entering into that which is within the Veil.

How few, however, recognise that God has stopped the clock, so to say, and has cut out of the ages this single "Day" of receiving Grace, this "Now" of His time of gracious acceptance of us as a Family of God in His well-beloved Son, to share that Son's Life, His Inheritance and to enter into His Glory, when the House is complete.

In some senses it is a dread thought to behold the long-suffering and patience of God, His suspended judgments during this "Day" of grace that has now lasted well-nigh 1900 years. Noah preached righteousness for 120 years during what time the Ark was a preparing. The Holy Spirit has preached "Wondrous Grace" for a much longer period until the House of God, the living Temple, the Body of the Christ, shall have been completed. Thus the hours are full of imminence, the kingdom of the heavens hath drawn nigh. God's Purpose already accomplished in Fact at Calvary awaits "Fulfilment" in the completion of the Body. The Lord's death is being shewn forth till He come! The Holy Ghost is in the world to bring about the consummation of this age!

What a privilege to live in the closing hours of this dispensation. As Simeon, Anna, and many another of a comparatively small and obscure company of believers waited for the consolation of Israel, the Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth, so we, upon whom the ends of the ages have all this while arrived, wait for the Lord out of Heaven unto Whom we shall be enraptured as we are found joined to Him in spirit. The Vision comes! Though it tarry, wait for it. Swift will be His coming when it comes. "Now! Today!"

And as He has cut a "Day" out of the ages in which His Purpose, despite all hell's counsels, is being victoriously and irresistibly accomplished, so He has cut us off by His Cross from all those hellish counsels, enmities, and cruelties, oppressions, imprisonments and chains. Beloved, you are free in this Day of Grace! Enter into this Heavenly "Now" of God. Yield to the power of His Resurrection, that is,- His Life within you, to lift you up in spirit, out of this present evil age, to abide in Him in heavenly places. God would lift your spirit out of time into His Eternity, into His Now. We which believe do enter into the "Sabbath Rest," for the works are finished. And out of that heavenly position of "Rest," triumphs faith energised by love. Yea, out from God in Christ, you must live, coming down upon events, circumstances, temporal things, in that Victorious Life that is timeless, that Eternal Life into which you are already begotten, and which by the Holy Ghost would be manifested in you.

Jesus came down to the poverty of His creatures in Bethlehem, that you and we might now inherit and dwell in the Throne of Glory!

May your Christmastide be spiritual, not sentimental. May the New Creation manifest its triumph and glory in your hearts to the Glory and Honour of its King!

For we which believe do enter into His Rest.

Yours in this great "Day,"
T. Austin-Sparks
T. Madoc-Jeffreys.

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