About Restoration

The Abiding Meaning of Pentecost

The All-governing Vision in the Life of the Child of God

The Ark of the Testimony

"As in Heaven, So on Earth"

As it Was in the Beginning

The Ascension of Christ

Aspects of the City

The Assault on Fellowship

At the Crossroads

The Battle for Sonship

Be Reconciled to God

"Bring Us Not Over Jordan"

A Chosen Nation

Christianity - A Process of Transformation

Concerning Jerusalem

The Constant Need for Adjustment

Conversion and Salvation

The Crown of the Incorruptible

The Curse of the Earth Touch

The Danger of Coming Short

The Dawn of a New Day

Death in the Pot - Christ the Answer

"Do It Yourself"

The Earthly Man and the Heavenly Man

Elevation - Resurrection

The Essential Newness of the New Creation

Establishment in the Present Truth

The Eternal Covenant

The Fact of Inwardness

First Love

"The Flame of a Sword"

The Foundations of an Exemplary Christian Life

Four Stages in the Life of the Lord's People

From Heaven or From Men?


The Gift of the Spirit to a Redeemed Creation

Glory by the Spirit

God's Answer to a State of Declension

God's Idea of Manhood

God's Instrument in a Day of Declension

God's Jealousy for Principles

God's Present Purpose

God's Sovereign Foreknowledge and Anticipatory Work

God's Standard of Values (Transcript)

The Gold of the Sanctuary

Golden Snuffers

Goliath, the Big Man who Met a Pebble

A Good Beginning

"The Gospel Which We Preach"

The Gospel of the Sovereignty

The Governing Factor of Holiness

The Grace of God

Great Grace and its Outworking

Great Truths and Their Laws

The Greatest Need of the Times

The Greatness and Glory of God's Name

"He Made it Again"

A Heart for God's Testimony

A Heavenly Calling

The Heavens Do Rule

Hindrances to Fullness of Life


A Holy Nation

The House, The Name, and The Glory

The Importance of the Holy Spirit

In Adam or In Christ

In God or Outside of God?

"In Spirit and In Truth"

The Increase of Spiritual Capacity

An Instrument of Recovery as Set forth by Gideon

"Jesus of Nazareth Passes By"

Jonathan's Arrow

The Last Message to the Church

The Law of the House

"Let Us Press on unto Full Growth"


The Living God (1938)

"Loose Him and Let Him Go!" (Transcript)

"Loose Him, and Let Him Go!"

The Lord, The Throne, The Altar, and The Man

Man's Alternative to God's Best

The Mark and Effect of Life - A Challenge

Mental or Spiritual

The Necessity For New Birth

The Need For A New Apprehension Of The Gospel

The Need for Having the Holy Spirit

The Need for a Spirit of Grace

Nehemiah - The Building of a City

The New Birth

A New Creation

On Knowing the Lord (1930)

On Knowing the Lord (1971)

On the Foundations and the Beginnings of the Christian Life

"One New Man"

One Universal Remedy

The Peculiar Conditions of an End-Time

A People Prepared for the Lord

The Place and Work of the Levites

A Positive and Purposeful God

A Positive Christian Life (Some Ugly Words Redeemed)

The Positive Ground of the Church

A Positive, Purposeful God

The Potter and the Clay

The Potter's House

The Power of the Kingdom

The Progress of the Lord's Testimony to its Consummation

The Ram of Consecration

Rest and Liberty in the Spirit


The Riches of the Glory of His Inheritance in the Saints

A Right Thing Done in a Wrong Way

Salvation by the Grace of God

The Salvation of God in Christ

The Seamless Robe

The Seen and the Unseen

The Sign and Wonder of Resurrection

Simulation - Exaggeration - Predomination

Singleness of Eye

The Spirit in Prison

Spiritual Foundations

Stephen - Thy Witness

Subjected... In Hope

Suitability for the Glory of God

The Supreme Vocation

The Swing of the Pendulum

A Talk to Young Christians on the Nature of the Christian Life

The Testimony of Life by Resurrection

"That I May Know Him"

"That Which is Born of the Spirit"

"There is a New Creation"

Things That Differ

The Things of the Spirit

This Present Evil World

"This is the Message..."

The Thoroughness of the Lord

"Thou Art Come..."

"Thou Desirest Truth in the Inward Parts"

Three Phases of the Christian Life

The Time In Which We Live (1931)

The Tragedy of the Unfinished Task

A Tragic Answer to Prayer (or The Tragedy of God's Second-Best)

The Transfigured Road

The Treasure and the Pearl


Union with Christ in Consecration

The Unity of the Spirit

"Uzzah... Died by the Ark of God"

"A Very Deep Concern..."

The Watchword of the Son of Man (1928)

The Way of Recovery

The Way of Spiritual Growth

The Way

"We Beseech You... Be Reconciled to God"

"What Was in the New Cruse"

What Will God Do Next?

What the Gospel is

Where Christendom Has Gone Astray

"Wherefore... Let Us Press On"

The Work of the Holy Spirit

"Ye Are... A Holy Nation"

The Year of Grace