Editor's Letters

by T. Austin-Sparks

January 1928 - A Personal Note

Beloved of God,

This is not the first time that one has attempted the impossible. The difference, however, is that previously it has been in the Lord's Name, and it has succeeded; this time it is in one's own name and there is little hope of success. The object is to try and make you realise how grateful one is for the tremendous kindness which has again been shown in so many ways during the time of sickness.

It is quite beyond one to write personally to all the dear friends who sent messages and tokens of thought, but such of them as read this will please believe that they are personally in mind and that with great gratitude.

"Once and again you ministered to my necessity," said Paul, and these words are one's own sentiments. So generous were many of the Lord's children that we were relieved of all anxiety on the temporal side, and so many were the prayers on all sides that one was sure of the triumph of the Divine will and purpose.
And so it is, for one has been wonderfully enabled to prepare this issue of the WITNESS, and is finding life coming into the writing ministry.

If this should prove to be some little share in that remainder of the sufferings of Christ for His Body's sake which is the Church, may there come to you some enrichment by it which will amply justify it all and vindicate the wisdom of God. You will continue to pray that while one is still kept from public ministry and is in "bonds," there may be a swift and perfect fulfilment of all the Lord's intention. To save these lines from the deplorable failure which one feels to rest upon their purpose, please do believe that the thankfulness and indebtedness which one feels to you defies all endeavours in expression.

One would like just to recognise here the wonderful way in which the Lord has strengthened our brother, Mr. Jeffreys, for the increased burden of ministry during these many months. It has indeed been wonderful in our eyes, and one of the compensations of suffering has been the way in which other of the brethren have been anointed for ministry.

May the Lord greatly enrich you with His heavenly fulness.

Yours in bonds for the Body's sake,
T. Austin-Sparks.

In keeping with T. Austin-Sparks' wishes that what was freely received should be freely given and not sold for profit, and that his messages be reproduced word for word, we ask if you choose to share these messages with others, to please respect his wishes and offer them freely - free of any changes, free of any charge (except necessary distribution costs) and with this statement included.