Editor's Letters

by T. Austin-Sparks

May-June 1950

May 1950

Beloved of God,

I am very hesitant to write a further personal letter and thus keep the personal element in view. But, after all your prayer and gracious solicitude during my time of illness, I think (and it is felt here also) that you should be told of the good progress being made toward full recovery. There is every hope that relief from the limiting suffering of many years is effected by these operations under the Lord's blessing, and that I shall be able to do more, and move more freely in His service than was before possible. If this is so, and increase of Christ in the saints is the outcome, we shall rejoice together. It may be that I shall have to be but a part-time man for two of three months longer. The Lord graciously permitted and enabled me to have a good share of the ministry at the Easter Conference here, and I look forward to a repetition of this at Whitsun.

Very few of you who have not been to Honor Oak know how much is owed to the faithful brethren who carry so much of the burden of the many-sided ministry. That things go on so smoothly and strongly when I am withdrawn is due to their devotion and oneness. During my long indisposition I have not had need to be anxious for a moment regarding the work, and coming back it is just as though I had never been away. This is no one-man affair; so in praying for me, include them in your thanksgiving and supplications.

May I repeat my request for prayer now, that the Lord will make quite clear what and where my future ministry is to be. The burden of spiritual need in many parts of the world lies upon one's heart and strong invitations are not a few. But there is also a Centre here which is the scene of comings and goings of many in the nations. The question is whether to keep to a base and seek to meet the wider need through personal contacts here and the printed ministry, or to do what Samuel did - have a house from which to go "in circuit from year to year, and return." It is not quite as simple as it appears on paper, but will you pray about it?

Again let me say how very grateful we are for your faithful prayer fellowship with ourselves, and for this whole ministry; and may the Lord richly bless you with His own fulness.

Yours in His Grace and Love,

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