Editor's Letters

by T. Austin-Sparks

September-October 1946


It is not possible for me to write personally to all the friends who write to me, but I do want to thank them. My two former letters dealing with our position seem to have been a help to many, both for themselves and in their meeting of others. Those letters have, however, been themselves misunderstood in some few directions, but not seriously. A few friends have interpreted them as a moan or lament for ourselves, and have felt that we needed helping over a last ditch. Well, thank you, dear friends, for all your kind encouragement, and we value it much; but our grief is not for ourselves, but solely for the Lord and His interests. We were only trying to clear the field of misunderstanding in order that the Lord might come into His own more fully. Then my remark about "Tongues" has been regarded as an indication of another form or aspect of prejudice in my own case. Let me say at once that prejudice does not come into this matter where I am concerned. If I have any reservations or questions in that connection, they are just the opposite of prejudice. Prejudice is a blind and ignorant thing, which closes the door and bolts it before what is there has been identified or considered. I trust that mine is a fully enlightened and considered position in this matter. "Tongues" or spiritual gifts in abundance have never been the proof of spiritual maturity, as see First Corinthians, i.e. the church in Corinth, and what we are seeking is to lead the Lord's people on to "full growth".

Now, there is more to be said as to what we are seeking to fulfil as our God-given ministry, but I think that it would be set out more usefully than in personal letters if I wrote either a booklet or a series of short, precise, articles. This I am seeking to do. Please pray that it may be given of the Lord. I do want our readers to pray very much with us along one particular line. You know that, with the war, this little paper had to be trimmed to a mere shadow of its former size and quality. So far we have not been granted any paper supplies to increase size, quality or circulation. While there seems to be paper for all sorts of pernicious stuff, the Prince of this world is preventing it from going where the interests of Christ could be furthered. This can be overcome by prayer. We have so very much ministry ready for printing, and there is such a call for it, but this "door of utterance" needs opening. Not only is our own press limited, but printers everywhere are unable to accept the work.

Then, finally, may I ask your prayer concerning personal ministry in coming months. Needs and calls come from many parts of the world, but with many obligations and difficulties it will be necessary for the Lord to give a very clear indication by His witness and His acts if this wider ministry is to be fulfilled. It is a burden upon one's heart. I count on your prayers.

"Now may the God of peace... make you perfect in every good thing... to him be the glory".

Yours in the Bonds of His Son,
T. Austin-Sparks

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