Notes on the Church and the Churches

by T. Austin-Sparks

Edited and supplied by the Golden Candlestick Trust.

1. The present revival of church interest.

a. The fact of this.

b. The reason for this.

c. The form of this.

2. The movement within the movement

a. Its nature and motif.

b. Its weaknesses and perils.

c. Its possibilities and potentialities.

3. The dominant feature and factor.

The end conforming to the beginning.

The way of the Spirit.

How the House of God governs everything.

“My House”. “Your House”.

4. “Show the House”

a. What is the church?

b. What are the churches?

c. What are the “ordinances”?

5. The order.

a. The dynamic of life.

b. The regulations of the Spirit.

c. The essential features.

1. Ministry.

2. Oversight.

3. Authority and subjection.

The all-inclusive medium — prayer.

a. The beginning.

b. The progress.

c. The power.


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