Notes on the Book of the Revelation

by T. Austin-Sparks

The problem of the book: the various schools and conflicting interpretations.

The importance of being on sure ground.

Some things of which we can be fairly certain.

1. The Book is a Book of consummations

a. It is inclusive of all from Genesis onward.

b. It is consummatory or conclusive. It leads to the end of time. The beginning of the eternal.

c. It is the Book of climaxes, i.e. the climax of all in the Scriptures: creation – Israel – church – cross – Satan – nations – world-systems – monarchy – priesthood – prophecy – suffering, etc.

As Genesis is the genesis of everything that comprises this world-system, so Revelation is the climax of every such thing (theology, cosmology, anthropology, sociology, harmatiology, ethnology, soteriology, etc.).

The outline or analysis has to be governed by subjects rather than by times. The times may result from the subjects. Principles are fundamental and have to be seen through all figures, symbols, outward forms of expression.

The subject-analysis

1. The All-inclusive Person – "His Son"

a. The symbolic presentation

b. The spiritual principles

c. The inclusive fact

1. Judgement begins at the House of God

2. Judge the world… in a Man

3. The prince of this world

2. The church

A. On earth

a. In representation

b. In manifold expression as seen by the "eyes of flame"

c. In judgement and challenge

d. In demand and crisis

e. In promise and destiny

B. In heaven

a. In relation to creation
What is in heaven is the answer to the Son as the Agent of creation. Creation with a purpose.

b. In relation to redemption
What is in heaven is the answer to the Son as the Instrument of redemption.

c. What is in heaven is the issue of the one governing factor in all time, all Scripture, all creation and redemption – Life.
(This particular issue will govern this whole book in every part until it issues in full triumph at last.)


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