Notes on God's End, God's Way

by T. Austin-Sparks

Edited and supplied by the Golden Candlestick Trust.

The backward look:

  • Romans: our man renewed
  • Corinthians: the heavenly man
  • Galatians: deflection
  • Ephesians: corporate life

Fulness in Philippians:

  • Christ Himself (2:5-11).
  • His servant – Paul (3:4-15)
  • a. The road to Philippi

    The fight for Philippi (Acts 16)

    Faith tested as to guidance

    Not Asia — not Bithynia

    Illness (?) drove him to Galatia, then to Troas

    Frustration — hindrance — illness

    The battle in Philippi

    b. The road of the prize (3:4-15)

    The way of the Cross

    Two practical applications:

    · Phil. 3:2-3: the circumcision; earthy

    · Phil. 4:2: Eurodia and Syntyche

    The problem of the Philippians — how to be set on God's fullest thought: an open heart for all God's people — not to be schismatic and divisive.


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