"Written Not With Ink"

by T. Austin-Sparks

This is a collection of messages sourced from a manuscript sent to us by Mr Herald Hsu. These messages were given in 1957 by T. Austin-Sparks in Taiwan. Chinese believers subsequently prepared transcripts from recordings of the meetings. It would appear that the audio recordings are no longer available. The spoken form has been retained, however, due to English not being the transcriber's first language the messages have required some editing to convert them into correct English. The editor has also added a book title, chapter titles, headings and italics, as these were not in the original transcripts. Although these messages were spoken over fifty years ago, we trust that these living words will be "written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the Living God" in your heart!

November 2011

Meeting 1 - Being Living Epistles

Meeting 2 - A Living Faith

Meeting 3 - The Effect of Living Epistles

Meeting 4 - Read and Known of All Men

Meeting 5 - The Holy Spirit as the Letter Writer

Meeting 6 - God Has Shined into Our Hearts

Meeting 7 - God's Answer

Meeting 8 - Glorifying God

Meeting 9 - The Good Shepherd

Meeting 10 - A New Nation

Meeting 11 - Citizens of Zion

Meeting 12 - God's Purpose

Meeting 13 - The Divine Seed

Meeting 14 - God is For Us

Meeting 15 - The Purpose of the Elect

Meeting 16 - The House of God

Meeting 17 - Pictures of Bethany

Meeting 18 - "My Spirit... Upon You"

Meeting 19 - "The Lord is There"

Meeting 20 - Rivers of Living Water

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