We Beheld His Glory - Volume 2

Meditations in John's Gospel

by T. Austin-Sparks

Originally published by Witness and Testimony Publishers in 1935. Subsequently reprinted (with permission) by Testimony Book Ministry.

Prefatory Note
The content of this little volume is not intended to be a commentary in the usually understood sense, neither is it an exposition of all that the Gospel of John contains, but just a setting forth of a measure of the spiritual meaning of each chapter. The messages are intended to be more for spiritual life than for Bible study. The reader is asked to bear in mind that the spoken form is retained, which differs greatly from the precise literary style of direct writing. - T.A-S

Chapter 1 - From the Individual to the Corporate
The Rightful Shepherd. Antagonism to the Shepherd and His Flock. An Elect Company. Two Folds. The Way from the Fold of Law to the Fold of Grace. "They Know My Voice."

Chapter 2
What the Glory of God Is. Death - the Counter to Glory. (1) Lazarus as Representing Israel. (2) Lazarus as Representing Mankind. The Cross Is an End. Resurrection - the Ground of Glory.

Chapter 3
The Immense Importance and Power of Meekness. Meekness Destroys the Ground of Satan's Authority. Meekness the Great Unifying Factor. Meekness the Hallmark of Love. The Walk of the Believer. The Washing of One Another's Feet.

Chapter 4 - The Troubled Heart
The Troubled Heart. (1) Christ in Heaven. (2) The Church in Heaven. Enlightenment as to the Way.

Chapter 5 - The Glory of Christ the Vine
Christ the True Vine. The Branches. Identity of Life. The Purpose of the Vine's Existence. Fruit the Evidence of Life. The Bearing of Fruit is Service. The Pruning Knife. The Object of the Pruning.

Chapter 6
The Dispensation of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit's Work in Relation to Christ. (1) As to the Disciples. (2) As to the World.

Chapter 7
The Prayer Beside the Altar. The Glorifying of the Father and the Son is in Resurrection. The Ground of Resurrection is the Ground of Oneness. Oneness is Organic as Being a Matter of Another Life.

Chapter 8
The Challenge to and Exposure of the Jewish Rulers. The Judgment and Condemnation of Pilate. The Vindication of the Son of Man.

Chapter 9
(1) The Church - Transition from the Natural to the Spiritual. (2) The Church - A Witness to the Resurrection. (3) The Church - Peace Through His Blood. (4) The Church and the Government of the Holy Spirit. (5) The Church - Fellowship Through Faith. (6) The Church - A Family.

Chapter 10
Peter's Defection. The Difference Between the Natural and the Spiritual. Absolute Subjection to the Lordship of Christ. Service Flows from Subjection and Love.

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