"The Servant of the Lord"

by T. Austin-Sparks

First published in "A Witness and A Testimony" magazines, 1928-1930, Vol. 6-6 through 8-1.

Simple messages on some New Testament Conceptions of Christian Work and Workers.

For all the disease of inertia; for all the pain of failure; and for all the cries concerning powerlessness, ineffectiveness, and the baffling problems of the work, one of the supreme, fundamental, and indispensable principles and requirements is a right conception of our calling and of that in which we are called to serve, if we are truly God's "born again" ones. Thus, to try and help the discouraged; to renew vision for those in whom it has faded; to raise the level for those who labour without love; and to generally raise the standard of work and workers; these elementary messages are passed on. A vital relationship with Christ born of a deep personal appreciation of what He has done for, and daily is to our souls, and a clear understanding with a profound conviction of what He wishes to do through our instrumentality; these covered by a complete and utter abandonment to Him, are the only legitimate grounds for His service. Of such servants the world and the "Church" stands in tragic and pathetic need, and by such all problems of ineffectiveness and failure are solved.

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