Right Standing With God

by T. Austin-Sparks

Transcribed from messages given in Holland in 1969, the spoken form has been retained verbatim.

What is the one all-governing thing through the whole Bible? Right standing with God! The whole Gospel is just this: Right standing with God is given to us through faith in Jesus Christ! Then of course you at once begin and go back to the other side of the Cross again and say, “But what about my sin? What about all my faults and my failings? What about all the things that I do wrong every day? Is that not a contradiction?” The Lord has never said anywhere that you and I are perfect in ourselves. But He has said that we are perfect in Christ! In Christ we inherit right standing with God and this becomes the battle-ground of the whole Christian life. What is the nature of the battle of the Christian life? The battle is with the one who wants to get us onto the ground that is not right standing with God.

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