The Holy City, New Jerusalem

by T. Austin-Sparks

First published in "A Witness and A Testimony" magazines, 1966-1968 Vol. 44-6 - 46-3. Conference messages given in Aeschi (Switzerland) in September, 1966.

The Word says: "Ye are come unto... the heavenly Jerusalem", and that "the Jerusalem that is above" (that is, the heavenly Jerusalem) "is our mother". When you read these last chapters of the book of the Revelation you are inclined to think that it is all in the future. "The holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God" - surely that belongs to some future time? Well, it may have a future aspect, but these Scriptures say that we have come there already. I know that that sounds rather mysterious, but I think we shall be seeing exactly what it means. We want to know what is the meaning of this holy city, and I think that before we get very much further many of your ideas are going to be thoroughly upset! We are going to spoil many of the hymns that you sing, but we are going to have something better, and I hope that you will be singing a new song before we have finished.

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