by T. Austin-Sparks

Recorded Dec 1958

"I put my ring round the word 'partners'; it's all I want to say, you think about it. It conveys a lot. I think it goes to the heart of everything, it really does. It's a beautiful idea, we are no longer just employees of the Lord - servants in that official or professional sense - we are partners. Think about those disciples in partnership on the lake, I'm quite sure that what affected one boat, affected all the partners. What affected one partner affected all the others. It was a joint thing and the loss of any part was the loss to the whole; the gain to any part was the gain to the whole. And when one boat was nigh unto sinking by reason of the greatness of the draught of the fishes, they didn't keep it all to themselves, their blessing; they beckoned unto their partners - they shared their blessing. That's the house of God."

Heb 3:1

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