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Where messages were published in written form, the date of publication is used. Previously unpublished work is dated by the date when the message was given (if known) otherwise by the date when published on the website.


Jul-Aug"Called. Chosen. Faithful."
 The Cosmic and the Universal Christ
Jan-FebA Sign
Nov-DecThe Sentence of Death
 The Corporate Company
 The Cross and the Overcoming Life
 "The Song of Moses - and the Lamb"
Jan-FebThe Seen and the Unseen
May-JunThe Cross and the Deliverance of the Mind
May-JunThe Servant of the Lord
Jul-AugWhat the Gospel Is
 "Give Attendance Unto Reading"
 An Outline of the Teaching Concerning the Holy Spirit
Mar-AprSovereign Intercession
Mar-AprThe Testing of the Son and the Sons
 The Holy Spirit and the Cross, the Church, and the Coming Again of the Lord Jesus
 The Watchword of the Son of Man (1929)




Jan-FebHindrances in Service (The Service of the Lord)
Jan-Feb"Wherefore... Let Us Press On"
Mar-AprJericho and Faith's Persistence
May-JunProximity to Christ
Sep-OctCaptivity In The Lord
Sep-OctOn Knowing the Lord (1930)
Sep-OctA Peculiar Vessel
Sep-OctStripping Down to Christ Alone
 The Development of Revelation in the New Testament
Jan-FebThe Abiding Meaning of Pentecost
Jan-FebFurther Thoughts on the Testimony in Relation to the Candlestick and the Glory
Mar-AprChrist Our All (1931)
May-JunThe Time In Which We Live
Sep-Oct"Because of the Blood of the Lamb" 1931
Sep-OctThe Meaning of Christ
Sep-OctThe Measure of Christ
Nov-Dec"This Ministry"
 "That Which is Born of the Spirit"
Jan-FebThe Rainbow
Jan-FebThe Servant and Service of the Lord
May-JunThe Meaning of Union With Christ
 Christ - All, And In All
 The Cross and Higher Ground
 The Offence of the Cross
 The Secret of the Shining Face
 The Sovereign Headship of the Lord Jesus
 Taking Responsibility for the Testimony
Jan-FebBethany - The Lord's Thought For His Assembly
Jan-FebThe Blood, the Cross and the Name of the Lord Jesus
Jan-FebRooted and Grounded
Mar-AprThe Ark of the Testimony
Mar-AprMaturity - The Lord's Desire for His People
May-JunThe Increase of God
Jul-AugThe Food Question (1933)
Sep-Oct"What Was in the New Cruse"
Nov-DecThe Spoil of Battle (1933)
 The Centrality and Supremacy of Christ
 "Lord, Lord..."
 The Verifying of God and the Vindication of Christ
Jan-FebSome Perils of the Way
May-JunChrist in Heaven and Christ Within
May-Jun"Take Your Share"
Jul-AugVictory Over and Deliverance from this Present Evil World
Nov-DecThe Incense-Bearer
 A Companion to the Gospel by John
 The Fulness of Christ
 I Will Build My Church
 Run That You May Obtain
 Spiritual Death and His Risen Life
 The Temptations
Jan-FebThe Nature of the Testimony
Mar-AprThe Transcendent Value of the Knowledge of Christ
 The Blood of the Eternal Covenant
 The Body of Christ: Its Heavenly Aspect
 The New Birth
 Notes on Deuteronomy
 The Value of Weakness
Mar-AprHow It Should Be And The Way To It
Mar-AprThe Seamless Robe
Jul-AugWhat is the Church?
Jan-FebThe Assault on Fellowship
Jan-FebA New Creation
Jan-FebUnion with Christ in Consecration
Mar-AprIs the Great "Shaking" at Hand?
Jul-AugBoundless Heavenly Resources
 Reproduction by Divine Life
 Set for a Sign
Jan-FebThe Living God
Jul-AugA Good Man in Danger
Jul-AugThe Need of the Hour
Sep-OctThe Ministry of Elijah
 The Fellowship of His Sufferings (1938)
 Titles of the Risen Lord
Mar-AprThe Power That Worketh in Us
Mar-AprTake Your Share
May-JunCrucified to the Religious World
Jul-AugThe Ram of Consecration
Nov-DecThe Food Question
Nov-DecThe Service of the Lord (1939)




Jan-FebGod's Means of Achieving His Purpose
Jan-FebWaiting God's Time
Mar-AprEntering Into God's Rest
Jul-AugThe Cry of the Elect
Sep-OctChrist Our Life (1940)
Sep-OctThe Saving Power of Divine Vision
 The Marks of Jesus
Mar-AprThe Family of God
May-Jun"For Such a Time as This"
Nov-DecThe Cross and Ministry
Nov-DecHindrances to Fullness of Life
Nov-DecOne Universal Remedy
May-Jun"By Faith..."
Jul-AugOur Ministry
Sep-OctGod's Answer to a State of Declension
Nov-DecWhat Will God Do Next?
Mar-AprAll Things in Christ
Mar-AprThe Purpose of God
May-JunThe Anointing: Light Within Our Dwellings
May-JunThe Meaning of the Anointing
May-JunThe Need For A New Apprehension Of The Gospel
May-JunUrgently Needed!
Sep-OctThe Otherness of Christ
Nov-DecSeeing Christ by Revelation
Nov-DecStriving In Prayer
Nov-DecYe Are Come
May-JunA Jigsaw Puzzle
 God's End and God's Way
May-Jun"The Burden of the Valley of Vision"
May-JunThe Most Difficult Thing in the World
Jul-AugThe Deliverance of Souls
Sep-OctGod's Jealousy for Principles
 "That I May Know Him"
Jan-FebThe Way Of Spiritual Growth
Mar-Apr"One New Man"
Mar-AprWhat is True Unity of the Spirit?
May-JunLife and Death
May-JunThe Voice of the Son of God
Sep-OctAccredited Ministry
Sep-OctThe Value of Being Pronouncedly the Lord's
Nov-DecThe Rest And The Courage Of Faith
Jan-Feb"The Fruit of Conflict"
Jan-FebSpirituality: The Key To All That is of God
Jan-FebThe Wonderful Balance in the Life of the Lord
May-JunGod's Eternal Thought of Sonship
May-JunGod's Mind About the Church
May-JunResurrection, the Hallmark of Sonship (1947)
Jul-AugThings That Differ
Sep-OctAlone? - Not Alone!
Sep-OctThe Holy Spirit in the Life of a Child of God
Sep-OctThe New Age of the Holy Spirit
Nov-DecGovernment by the Holy Spirit
Nov-Dec"How Know We the Way?"
Nov-DecThe Strategy of God
Nov-DecThe Things Which Befall Us
Jan-FebThe Greatness of the Church
Jan-FebThe Way
Mar-AprA God That Hideth Himself
Mar-AprThe Greatest Need of the Times
Mar-AprThe Intrusion of Natural Life in the Service of God
Mar-AprThe Lord's Attitude To His Children In Adversity
May-JunThe Need for a Spirit of Grace
Jul-AugAbounding in Love
Jul-AugThe Battle Which Is Not Yours
Jul-AugConversion and Salvation
Jul-AugCorporate Life
Sep-OctThe Battleground of the Soul
Sep-OctNot Here, and Not Now
Sep-OctResting in the Lord's Care
Nov-DecThe Manifold Grace of God
Jan-FebChrist and His Bride
Jan-FebChristian Service From God's Standpoint
Jan-Feb"I Will Follow Thee, Lord; But..."
May-JunThe Lord's Field
Jul-AugThe Basis of Authority
Jul-AugDavid's Mighty Men
Sep-OctEnlargement Through Conflict
Nov-DecCrowning in Relation to an Ordeal
Nov-DecDavid's Last Words
Nov-DecThe Peril of Divided Loyalties
Nov-DecSuffering and Glory
Nov-DecA Vital Ministry in a Day of Transition
 Life in the Spirit




Jan-FebGod's Faithfulness To Us in His Son
Mar-AprThe Way Of Recovery
May-JunAttaining Unto The First Three
May-JunThe Power of the Kingdom
Jul-AugGod's Thought-Intention Concerning Manhood
 The Cross of Christ
 Singleness of Eye
Jan-FebGod's Man
Jan-FebSpiritual Warfare (1951)
Mar-Apr"But Ye..."
Mar-AprConformed to the Image of His Son
Mar-AprThe Problem of the Stone
May-JunThe Earthly Man and the Heavenly Man
May-JunFaith's Witness in a Dark Day
Jul-AugThe Importance and Value of Experience
Jul-AugThe Inheritance - Gained or Forfeited
Jul-AugParenthetical Christians
Sep-Oct"And So We Came To Rome"
Sep-OctThe Fellowship of His Sufferings (1951)
Nov-DecFor the Sake of the Name
Nov-DecThe Service of God
Nov-DecThe Silence of Sovereignty and the Action of Faith (1951)
Nov-DecSome Principles of the House of God
 The Peculiar Conditions of an End-Time
Jan-FebVision and Vocation
Jan-FebWhy the Strange Ways of God?
Mar-AprThe Mount of Vision
May-JunSpiritual Ploughing
Jul-AugThe Eternal Reward of Labour and Suffering
Jul-AugSpiritual Exercise
Jul-AugSuitability for the Glory of God
Sep-OctDeliverance in a Day of Judgment
Sep-OctPride and Its Undoing
Nov-Dec"Gather My Saints Together"
Nov-DecThings Which Will Be Shaken
Jan-Feb"For the Glory of God"
Jan-FebA Man in the Glory
Mar-AprResponsibility For What We Have
Mar-AprThe Wondrous Ways of God
May-JunGolden Snuffers
Sep-OctThe Altar and the Name
Sep-OctKeeping Christ in View
 The Nature and Purpose of This Ministry
Jan-FebThe Unity of the Spirit
Mar-AprGod's Good Pleasure
Mar-Apr"The Lord is Greater Than All"
Mar-AprVessels of Ministry
May-Jun"I Have Loved Thee"
May-JunThe Spirit of Glory
Jul-Aug"Looking Unto Jesus"
 The Silver Trumpets of Redemption
Jan-FebThe Treasure and the Pearl
Mar-AprThe Belovedness of Christ
May-JunIn the Train of His Triumph
Jul-AugThe Foundations of an Exemplary Christian Life
Sep-OctThe Lordship of Christ
Nov-DecThe Supreme Importance of Knowing Christ
 The Christian Life - A Warfare
 Glory by the Spirit
 The Grace of God
 "Thou Art Come..."
Jan-FebAttaining to God's Full Thought
Jan-FebThe Divinely Appointed Place of Christ
Mar-AprThe Anointing
Mar-AprGod's Sovereign Activities
May-JunUnderstanding of the Times
Jul-AugThe Amen
Jul-Aug"Jehovah Shammah"
Jul-AugThe Last Message to the Church
Sep-OctGod's Standard of Values (1956)
Sep-Oct"Watchman, What of the Night?"
 An Appeal
 An Explanation of the Nature and History of "This Ministry"
Jan-FebThe Joy of the Lord is Your Strength
Jan-FebA Message for the Hour
Jan-FebOne of the Greatest Needs
Jul-AugThe Things of the Spirit
 The Altar (The Cross) Governs Everything
 Five Principles of Interpreting the Bible
 The God of the Amen
 The Lampstand
 "Thy Way Was in the Sea"
Jan-FebThe Alpha and The Omega
Jan-FebThe Removing of Those Things That Are Shaken
Jan-FebWhen We Cannot See the Way
Mar-AprI Have Learned... I Know... I Can Do... Through Christ
Mar-AprThe Only Reality
Jul-AugOne Universal Answer
Sep-OctThe Final Call of God
Sep-OctA Talk to Young Christians on the Nature of the Christian Life
Nov-DecThe Arm of the Lord
 Oh, the Depth...
 Spiritual Ascendency
 Walk Worthily... Be Strong
Mar-AprThe Spirit of Service
Jul-AugThe Cross and the God of Hope
Nov-DecSpiritual Warfare (1959)
 "Jesus of Nazareth Passes By"
 Let Us Go On
 The Sovereignty of God in Relation to the House of God
 The Threshing Floor
 Threshing: The Lord's Method




Jan-FebThe Unveiling of Jesus Christ
Mar-AprThe Danger of Coming Short
Jul-Aug"Do It Yourself"
Jul-AugJealousy for God
Sep-OctGod's Standard of Values
 "He Made it Again"
 Spiritual Punctuation
Mar-AprThe Parables of the Kingdom
Mar-AprThe Spirit in Prison
May-JunSubjected... In Hope
Jul-AugThe Law of Travail
Jul-AugA Positive and Purposeful God
Jul-AugThreshing, and the Lord's Balance
Nov-DecCorporate Prayer
 The Living God (1961)
Jan-Feb"Even Barnabas"
Jan-FebGod's Instrument in a Day of Declension
Mar-AprMan's Alternative to God's Best
May-JunThe Church - the Body - as the Anointed Vessel
Sep-OctTruth in The Inward Parts
Nov-Dec"I Will Overturn"
 "This is the Message..."
 Under the Holy Spirit's Government
Jan-FebA Right Thing Done in a Wrong Way
Jan-FebStephen - Thy Witness
Mar-AprLeadership and Ministry
May-Jun"Here Am I; Send Me"
May-JunThe Swing of the Pendulum
May-Jun"This is the Message... Fellowship"
May-JunThe True Nature of New Testament Christianity
Jul-AugThe Rise, the Noon, the Sundown of a Great Church
Jul-AugSpecial Note By the Editor (T. Austin-Sparks)
Sep-OctPrison - Vision - Provision
Sep-OctTraining in the House of God
Jan-FebChrist Our Life (1964)
Jan-FebA Tragic Answer to Prayer (or The Tragedy of God's Second-Best)
May-JunThe Overcomer at the End-time
Jul-AugFood for the Hungry
Jul-AugFrom Heaven or From Men?
Jul-AugThis Psychic Age
Sep-OctAt the Crossroads
Sep-OctYe Are... A Holy Nation
Nov-DecIn God or Outside of God?
Jan-FebFeatures of the City and Its Inhabitants
Jan-Feb"The Gospel Which We Preach"
Jan-Feb"He is Thy Life"
Jan-Feb"Not This Way Before"
Mar-AprThe Mystery and Miracle of Divine Support
Mar-AprThe Nature Of Divine Life
Jul-AugComplementary, Not Contradictory
Jul-AugThe Fountain and the Cisterns
Sep-OctDivine Strategy in What is Positive
Nov-DecA Good Warfare
Nov-DecA Heart for God's Testimony
Nov-DecJonathan's Arrow
 The Kingship of Jesus Christ
 The Lamb's Book of Life
 The Transfigured Road
Jan-FebHaving Our Eyes Opened
Jan-FebThe Necessity of Giving Earnest Heed to the Things That Have Been Heard
Jan-FebThe Transcendent "Sign"
Mar-AprThe Spoil of Battle (1966)
Nov-DecGlory at the End
Nov-DecThe Positive Ground of the Church
Nov-Dec"A Very Deep Concern..."
Jan-FebThe Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Anointing
Mar-AprThe Candlestick all of Gold
Mar-Apr"In Spirit and In Truth"
Mar-AprStripping Down to Christ Alone
Mar-AprThat Extra Mile
May-JunThe Increase of Spiritual Capacity
Jul-AugGoliath, the Big Man who Met a Pebble
Sep-OctThe Need For Positive Ground
Sep-OctThe Supreme Vocation
Nov-DecBeing Joined to the Lord
Nov-DecPortents of the Day of the Lord
Mar-AprChrist in You
May-JunTaking the End by Faith
May-Jun"Whither the Tribes Go Up"
Jul-Aug"A House of Prayer For All People"
Jul-AugThe Pre-eminent Mark of a Life Governed by the Spirit
Nov-DecThis Present Evil World
Mar-AprMore Pioneers of the Heavenly Way
Mar-Apr"Ye Are My Friends"
May-JunThe Greatness and Glory of God's Name
May-JunThe Testimony of the Blood
Jul-AugChristianity - A Process of Transformation
Jul-AugThe Great Divide and the Great Transition
Sep-OctAn Apostle's Supreme Ambition
Nov-DecThe Tragedy of the Unfinished Task
 The Essential Newness of the New Creation




Jan-FebFaith Operating in a Dark Day
Jan-FebSimulation - Exaggeration - Predomination
Sep-OctRemembering and Forgetting
May-JunFriendship With God
Jul-AugHarry Foster - An Appreciation of T. Austin-Sparks
Sep-OctThe Word, the Work and the World
Nov-Dec"Loose Him, and Let Him Go!"
Nov-DecThe Revelation of the Father
Nov-DecSpiritual Understanding
 On Knowing the Lord (1971)



Published after the death of T. Austin-Sparks



Jan-FebGod's Call to the Life Above
Jan-FebThe Great Prize
Jan-FebNot Now But Afterwards
Mar-AprGod Needs Gideons
Mar-AprThe Relevance of Christ
May-JunComing Down From God Out of Heaven
Jul-AugA Child Over the Nations
Nov-Dec"By My Spirit"
 Faith's Persistency
Mar-AprPriesthood and Life
Sep-OctThe Race
Mar-AprThe Law of the House
May-JunThe Time is Shortened
Jul-AugResurrection, the Hallmark of Sonship (1974)
Mar-AprThe Fulfilled Law
Sep-OctThe Street of Pure Gold
Nov-Dec"The Lord is With Him"
Mar-AprSignificant Salutations
May-JunWhere Do You Stand?
Jul-AugThe Well Within
Sep-OctMan's Way vs. God's Way
 Christ the Power of God
Nov-Dec"In the Likeness of His Resurrection"
 The Crown of the Incorruptible
Jul-AugMentality of the Spiritual Warrior
Sep-Oct"A Man in Christ"
 The Importance and Value of God-given Vision




Jul-AugAn Open Heaven




 Eric Fischbacher - My Association with Mr Theodore Austin-Sparks




 Angus Gunn - Theodore Austin-Sparks: On His Life and Work
 Concerning Jerusalem
 The Necessity For New Birth
 A Man in Heaven and Christ in You
 The Meaning of the Fire
 The Place and Work of the Levites
 The Ordinances of Heaven




 The Altar of Incense
 The Mercy Seat
 The Nature of the Dispensation in Which We Live
 A Christian's Anchors
 "As in Heaven, So on Earth"
 The Cross Prophesied by Simeon
 Crowns Won and Crowns Lost
 Four Stages in the Life of the Lord's People
 God's Desire for Definiteness
 In Adam or In Christ
 A People Prepared for the Lord
 The Temptation in the Wilderness
 The Work of the Holy Spirit
 Being Approved
 Elevation - Resurrection
 Gates of Pearl
 The Gift of the Spirit to a Redeemed Creation
 The Gold of the Sanctuary
 A Good Beginning
 Great Truths and Their Laws
 "He That is Joined to the Lord is One Spirit"
 The House of Bondage
 The Importance of the Holy Spirit
 An Instrument of Recovery as Set forth by Gideon
 The Lampstand - Christ Our Light
 "Let Us Press on unto Full Growth"
 Living by Christ
 Rest and Liberty in the Spirit
 Seeing Jesus
 Tested Unto Responsibility
 The Year of Grace
 The Basis of Spiritual Understanding
 Believing What We Have Heard
 The Dynamic of Spiritual Helpfulness
 Faith in God in Hopeless Circumstances
 Faithfulness and Truth
 Functioning in the Body of Christ
 The Glory of God in Resurrection
 The Governing Factor of Holiness
 The Jealousy of God
 Joints and Bands
 The Message of Samuel
 The Ministry of Illumination
 The Necessity for Weakness
 "Oh that Ishmael Might Live Before You!"
 The Potter and the Clay
 The Trees of the Lord's Planting
 "Uzzah... Died by the Ark of God"
 Cities of Refuge
 Coming to Zion
 Establishment in the Present Truth
 Faith in Relation to the Heavenlies
 Faithful and True
 God's Sovereign Foreknowledge and Anticipatory Work
 Great Grace and its Outworking
 His Unfailing Love
 The Holy Spirit's Answer to Prophecies
 The Light of Understanding
 The Mark and Effect of Life - A Challenge
 Moses, Aaron and Miriam
 Not Knowing Where...
 The Outworking Of Heavenliness
 The Peril of a Question
 Pressing On
 The Responsibility of Hearing the Word of the Lord
 The School of Sonship
 Spiritual Capacity
 The Thoroughness of the Lord
 "Today if Ye Hear His Voice"
 The Undoing of a Righteous Man
 Utterness for the Lord
 The Veil
 Wood, Hay, and Stubble or Gold, Silver, and Precious Stones
 The Bondservant
 "Come After Me"
 Coming into the Fulness of Christ
 Devotion to the Testimony
 Entering into Rest
 The Eternal Covenant
 The Faith of God's Elect
 First Love
 God's Speaking in Relation to Man
 A Heavenly Calling
 The Living God and the Battle for Life
 The Lord With Us
 A Marked Man
 The Name of the Lord
 The Need for Having the Holy Spirit
 Our Priestly Ministry
 The Parable Of The Talents
 A Positive Christian Life (Some Ugly Words Redeemed)
 Prayer and Conflict
 The Progress of the Lord's Testimony to its Consummation
 Qualifications For Which the Lord Looks
 Spiritual Foundations
 The Story of Lost Things
 Strengthen Thee Out of Zion
 The Testimony of Life by Resurrection
 The Faith of God's Elect
 "There is a New Creation"
 The Vindication of Job
 The Character of Service
 Christ, In the Table of Shewbread
 The Death of One for the People
 Faith Which Pleases God
 Faith and Experience
 "The God That Doest Wonders"
 "He Who Glories Let Him Glory in the Lord"
 Knowing Christ in the Power of Resurrection
 Life Because of Righteousness
 The Man in the Glory
 The Oil for the Lampstand
 Salvation by the Grace of God
 The Sanctuary of the Throne
 The Spiritual Ordinances of the Heavens
 "Stand, Withstand, Having Done All, Stand"
 Stripping Off Principalities and Powers
 The Supreme Message of the New Testament
 The Throne and the Altar
 The Trial of Faith
 The Twofold Testimony of the Blood of the Lord Jesus
 The Urim and the Thummim
 Victory Through Faith
 "With Him... That He Might Send Them"
 Witnesses of These Things
 All Righteousness Fulfilled
 An Unpublished Editorial
 The Grace of God in Christ Jesus
 Jesus Christ, The Faithful Witness...
 Knowing the Greatness and Glory of Christ
 The Mighty Presence of God
 The New Creation
 On the Foundations and the Beginnings of the Christian Life
 The Promise of the Spirit
 A Golden Girdle
 The Gospel of the Sovereignty
 "In the Spirit"
 Resources for Service and Worship
 The Ten Days Prior to Pentecost
 "To the Help of the Lord Against the Mighty"